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tsunami365's Journal

11 February
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  • tsunami365@livejournal.com
Hello everyone I'm Tsunami Hickson! The first thing I would like to say is that I'm a Yaoi Freak! Even though I am a girl, I'm a hardcore seme and always will be. Not to long ago I started writing fanfic. Right now I'm working on one story but I plan to do whole bunch. Mostly LightxL, there my favorite pairing along with LightxL,GTOP,CAPxNie​l,DonghaexEunhyuk,Ky​uhyunxSungmin, SiwonxHeechul,Minhox​Taemin, Jonghyunxkey, SasukexNaruto. I hope you guys would check out my current story! I would really like if you could leave a review. For my first fanfic I planned for it to be nothing hardcore just fluff and a little lemon but somethings changed. I mostly spend my time reading mangas or fanfic, watching music videos, writing fanfic and on IMVU! My avi name is Tsumani365. I know my name is spelled wrong but that's just how it is. Anyone who has a IMVU I would love to have you as a friend! Anyway back to the " About Me" I'm a very colorful person. My mom says I look like a crayon box because my outfits consists of so many colors! My talents are writing, Singing and drawing. I mostly draw anime, but sometimes I draw portraits. The very best portrait I drew would have to be of Jeffree Star and a half face of Sungmin from Super Junior, Yes I love K-pop. Other then drawing I play piano and violin. I'm teaching myself how to play piano, I'm doing great. The song that I'm learning to play now is Naruto: Sadness and Sorrow. When I get older I plan to move to New York with my friends. I speak a little Japanese and French so I would love to visit Japan and France someday. I know I couldn't tell you a whole lot about me. But if you have any thing you want to know just feel free to ask!