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I'll Take Care Of You Chapter 5

AN: Bold is English

Italic is Italian

Underline is French

The other two are Russian and Dutch

It had been exactly two hours since the whole 'ordeal' happened and the taskforce was in utter turmoil. Aizawa went home for very obvious reasons and refused to come back for the rest of the day. No one could really argue when he was giving everyone a glare that would make a Shinigami cry. Mogi just sat and stared at the spot in which the event happened, replaying it over in his head like he was in a hypnotic trance. Matsuda was having a panic attack. And Soichiro was pacing around the room pulling his hair out.

Light sighed at the scene and went to his bedroom to check if L was still out cold. And sure enough when he got to the room and poked his head inside. He saw the detective in the same place he had left him, tucked under mountains of covers with a cloth on his forehead.

'When is he going to wake up? Maybe I should take him to the hospital. But he's breathing fine and his fever isn't at a critical temperature anymore. I guess the best thing to do right now is wait then.'

Light nodded to himself in approval and entered the bedroom, shutting the door behind him quietly.

'Those idiots won't be doing anything productive anytime soon so I might as well stay with L to make myself useful. But when he wakes up he will probably hate me for taking off the chain and accuse me of being Kira'

The teen sighed and walked over to the unconscious detective and removed the wet cloth from his warm forehead replacing it with his hand

"It seems your temperature has come down a considerable amount but you're still rather warm" he said mostly to himself.

Light walked over to their master bathroom and drenched the cloth in cold water before placing it back on the sugar addict's forehead. Auburn eyes locked on pink plump lips. As a silly thought came to Lights mind.

"Will you wake up if I kiss you like a prince in a fairy tale? But what princess would you be?"

Light observed L's features carefully trying to see what princess L reminded him of. Combing his hands through L's ebony locks, as he thought deeply. And then it hit him.

"Your my princess snow white! Not just because she wakes up from a kiss that her prince gives her. But your skin is snow white!"

Light smiled proud about his discovered princess. Then slowly placed a small chaste kiss on L's lips.

Light sighed, but it wasn't a sigh of frustration or disappoint like from earlier. It was a different sigh, a sigh of content. He didn't really mind the slight bitter taste that was on L's lips. Because the kiss was still sweet none the less, it was bitter sweet.

Rising to his feet Light phoned Watari, explained to him everything that has happened and asked him to come back early. Of course the elder didn't refuse, he told Light he would leave as soon as possible. Whenever that was anyway. When Lights conversation with Watari was done he glanced at the clock. It was 5:12pm.

"The day seems to just drag on." Light said as he hung up the phone. Just then he heard the sound of rustling covers.

"MMMMmmmm" L hummed, snuggling into his pillow as he slowly came back into consciousness .

"L?" Called the teen as he walked over to the detective.

L breathed in deeply then sat up on the head board of the bed. His eyes glazed with sleep and half lidded as he rubbed then lazily.

It took every fiber of Light being, not to start squealing from L's absolute adorableness right now. If only he had a camera.

"Light-kun what time is it?"

The teens eyes went wide as he heard the English slip from L's lips hinting a slight accent. That was very sexy

"Umm it's 5:19"

"Merde! Combien de temps ai-je été à des?" (Shit! How long was I out for?)

Light eyebrows furrowed

"Pendant environ trois heures, vous sentez-vous bien?" (For about three hours, are you feeling ok?)

(Mi sento molto meglio allora … tôt, mais je dois me ….. вернуться к Кире случае. Хотя я и мои …. normaal zelf. Wat zou…Light-kun think I'm not okay?" L said sleepily

(I'm feeling a lot better than… earlier but I have to get….. back to the Kira case. While I'm my… normal self. What would make….Light-kun think I'm not okay?)

Lights eye twitched at the combination a languages.

"L you are not going to work on the case for the rest of the day. You can barely speak in one language for more than 5 seconds! And not one even of the languages were Japanese!"

"I don't care Light-kun. I'm working on the case if you like it or not" L said stubbornly. He planned to storm out the room leaving a angry Light by himself but that plan quickly vanished when he stood up and he felt extremely dizzy. Clenching his head, L swayed. And Light caught him before he fell.

"Light-kun I don't fee…" L stopped in mid sentence and looked around the room frantically.

"Light-kun, where is the chain?" The detective asked through clenched teeth.

Light visibly went pale "Well L I had to remove the chain to because you passed out and I still needed to work on the Kira case. There was never a time when I was alone. Because I dragged Mogi with me….except the last time I came to check if you were woke."

Light expected L to blow up with anger and start making obscene accusations. At the least raise his percent. But all that came out of L's mouth was.

"How is everyone taking my sickly display?" the insomniac said as his mass of hair hid his eyes.

Light gave a weak smile and hoisted the detective up on the bed. "There actually taking it better than I thought. Aizawa went home but he'll be back tomorrow. And the rest of the Taskforce is working on the case."

L smiled with relief "Really? They weren't mortified? I know I was and completely humiliated."

The teen hugged the detective tightly "No they weren't mortified, a little shaken but not mortified…..L why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling good?"

"Because Light-kun, by the time I realized I needed to go to the nearest bathroom. I was at critical point where I couldn't move or talk. If I did, I would have gotten sick much faster."

Light-kun sighed "well I'm glad you're ok now. Next tell me immediately when you feel sick before it gets to that point again"

"Ok Light-kun, but right now I would like to wash this taste out of my mouth and get something to eat"

Light nodded as they headed to the master bathroom.

L brushed his teeth and used mouth wash so many times that it made his mouth go numb. Leaving a strong taste of minty strawberries. Not that he minded in the least, he loved the taste of strawberries.

After thoroughly washing his mouth out L grabbed the chain that was hanging on the bathroom doorknob and snapped the cuffs on their wrists.

Light sighed in irritation missing his few hours of freedom.

"I'm sorry Light-kun but you still are on full surveillance. Until you are proven innocent" L stated obviously noticing Lights irritation.

"I know…" Light said walking out of their shared bedroom and toward the kitchen.

L walked more slowly down the hall then usual due to his current state of health and passed head quarters not saying a word. Everyone froze and stared at the panda eyed detective as he quietly walked into the kitchen with Light right behind him.

Once L arrived inside he let out a breath that he didn't even know he was holding, and opened the fridge to search for some cake.

"L what are you doing?"

"Light-kun it's obvious that I'm looking for cake. I said I wanted something to eat. Why did you ask such a simple question? I would think you have enough knowledge to know that. I guess I over estimated you." L said deadpanned

Light balled his hands in a fist and sent L a death glare "That's not what I meant smart ass. I mean why the hell are you going to eat cake when you're sick. Do you want to get better at all?"

L turned on his heels giving Light his full attention "Name calling is completely unnecessary Light-kun, it is pretty obvious that I want to get better. Since you're such the expert on what to feed sick people. What do you suggest I eat?" Sending Light a glare of his own

Light rolled his eyes, looked though the cabinets and pulled out his can of chicken noodle soup. L would definitely not own any soup of his own considering his eating habits. That consist only of sweets.

L's panda eyes when wide. "I'm not eating that!" he said, disgust written all over his face

Light frowned "You are if you want to get better. This is what your suppose to eat when you're sick? Not cake, pie, ice-cream and other sugary sweets"

L pouted "But you let me have ice-cream earlier today" as he put the tip of his index finger in his mouth.

Light looked away trying not to get mesmerized by L's cuteness, as he swallowed the rock that was now in his throat "That was because you were feeling better and wasn't running a fever."

Light grabbed the can opener and began to prepare the soup on the stove. When it was done L grimaced at the boiling mess that was being poured into a bowl.

Light picked up the bowl and advanced at L, thrusting a spoonful at L's shut mouth.

The detective turned his head away as he felt the hot liquid touch his bottom lip.

"Light-kun get that away from my mouth. I refuse to have that anywhere near it"

"Come on L, one little taste isn't gonna hurt" The brunette said playfully

"No I'm not tasting it Light-kun" the insomniac stated stubbornly. As he slowly back away from the boy.

Seeing that the sugar addict was back away, Light inched every time L took a step backwards. "But it's good for you, it will help you fe…" Before Light could even finish what he was saying. L bolted out the kitchen. Almost making Light spill the soup as he was pulled along.

"L stop running before you give yourself a fever again! Your gonna make me spill the soup!" Light yelled

"Good because I'm not eating it Light-kun!" L said as he ran into headquarters.

"Oh yes you are!" At that Light gave the soup to Matsuda and grabbed L's wrist before he could run any further.

"Light-kun let go of me!" L screamed as he struggled to free himself from Lights grasp.

"Not until you eat your soup!" Light said as he wrestled L to the floor. Because of the weight difference and L's weak health, it didn't take much to have the insomniac completely pinned.

As L struggled under the brunette, Light looked around headquarters only to find the task force member staring at them looking very entertain. Except for Matsuda who was blushing madly, thinking about how suggestive the position Light had L in looked.

"Matsuda don't just sit there! Come over here and feed him the soup!"

"But uh Light-kun I don't thin.."

Light sent Matsuda a glare so intense he practically ran to Light side and shoved the whole spoon of soup in L's mouth.

L squeezed his eyes shut as he tasted the vile concoction of chicken and noodles soaking in a pungent broth. The detective grimace as he swallowed harshly.

"See now was that so bad" Light said in a sickly sweet voice

"Yes it was Light-kun. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and I wish not to taste it again" L said tasting lingering soup in his mouth

"Ok, I just wanted you to taste it at least." As Light released L's limbs he got up and head back to the bedroom.

"L it's time for your next dose of medicine"

The sleuth nodded as he followed Light to the master bathroom. As L popped two gummies in his mouth Light could tell that the sugar addict was very happy to eat something sweet after having that soup shoved down his throat. So the brunette was glad the detective got to take his medicine. But What he didn't know was that he was in for a hell of a night!


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