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I'll Take Care Of You Chapter 4

'This can't be happening right now.'

Just when Light was going to lose his last bit of sanity. He felt L's warm mouth, leave the needy bulge that was aching in his pants. Feeling relieved and a bit disappointed, Light opened his eyes only to find, L blushing with his raven locks still sticky from ice cream, his gaze avoiding Light. The rest of him looked licked clean. A silence overtook them. For several seconds they just sat there thinking of what they could say to make the situation any less uncomfortable then it already was. But after minutes passed by, the silence was just too unbearable.

L turned his gaze to Light and let out a shaky breath. "I-I'm sorry Light-kun, when I saw the ice cream… *cough* *cough*it was just an automatic reaction. I know that is no excuse but please don't be upset with me! I'm really sorry!*cough* *cough*"

Light smiled hoping to calm the little detective "L its ok I'm not upset with you" Light rose to his feet and extended a hand towards L. Lucky those minutes they sat in silence gave Light some time to get his 'little problem' under control.

"Come on, let's go wash this ice cream out your hair" L smiled up at Light and took the hand that was offered to him.

Quietly they walked back into the investigation room and made their way to the bathroom. Light thanked god no one questioned them. He didn't know when L's next mood swing would be and he didn't want to test his emotions to find out.

Once they arrive at the bathroom. Light looked in the mirror to see if his perfect hair had any trace of the sticky mess like L's did. Oddly his hair was the same way it had been this morning, not one drop of ice cream was discovered on his head. Light shrugged and turned to face L. To his surprise, L's face was blank; showing no indication of emotion.

'He must be back to his normal self for now. It seems like it's been a while since I seen that face'

L squirmed uncomfortably under Lights gaze "Is something wrong Light-kun? If not, could you refrain from staring at me like that.*cough cough cough* It is rather bothersome"

Light sent L an icy glare "What are you talking about L? You stare at me 24/7! I'm bothered by it all the time and yet you still do it!"

"Just in case Light-kun has forgotten, he is my suspected of being Kira. It is my job as L to keep an eye on Light-kun to make sure he doesn't do anything Kira-like"

Light's eyes were fuming with rage. "For the last time L, I'm not Kira! What makes you so sure that I am? Why do you want me to be Kira so badly? I thought I was your friend!"

L sighed rather sadly and plopped down on the bathroom floor, bringing his legs to his chest and hugging them tightly "I don't know, I just want this case to be over. At first it was intriguing, but now I just want to give up. In the end,*cough cough* I'll never find Kira, I'll lose my only friend and I'll die alone and no one will care. I always seem to push people away or hurt them, even Watari. So maybe it would be better off if I was dead.*cough cough cough*"

Lights mood changed dramatically from his enraged state. "L are you alright?" 'What's wrong with him? One minute he's accusing me of being Kira and the next minutes he's…mood swing'

L brought his finger mouth and nibbled on the nail thoughtfully "No, I feel rather depressed. Can I go get some cake?" he asked his voice hoarse from coughing

Light smiled sadly, he couldn't stand to see L so down. It made him feel gloomy and guilty that he just yelled at him a second ago. "Sure L, but let me wash your hair first"

L nodded his head, rose from his position on the floor and walked to the sink. Light noticed that he was slouching more than usual. That was another indicator that L truly wasn't in a good mood.

After about ten minutes, L's hair was clean, dry and smelled like strawberries. But his mood still didn't change. He sat silently eating his cake one little slow bite at a time; which was very unlike L at all, He was drawing more attention to himself then he knew. His face was that of a kicked puppy, making the teens heart wrench.

Light rose from his seat and walked over to L. "L what's wrong?" he said in a soft gentle voice. L looked at Light wearily. 'I don't want to bother Light-kun with my problems. I have troubled him enough. I don't want him to hate me more then he already does' L shivered from the cruel thought.

"Nothing's wrong Light-kun. I'm fine, please go back to work*cough cough*" Light sighed

"No you're not! Pleeeease L, tell me what's wrong. I want to help" L let his gaze fall to the floor as his eyes were covered by his mass of hair.

"I just don't want Light-kun to hate me more." L said, his voice barely audible. Light knew this was not the place to have this discussion. The Task force could possibly overhear something and start having suspicious. So Light promptly took L's hand and dragged him to their shared bedroom. Once inside, Light shut the door behind him and took L in his arms, hugging him tightly

"Look L; I don't hate you and I could never hate you. You are my best friend and maybe even something more than that. All I know is that, I care for you very much and it hurts to see that saddened expression on your face. I love it when you smile and I always want to see you happy. So come on, can you give me a little smile"

L gave a weak smile. What Light had said to him made him feel a lot better and he tried to show that with a happier expression.

Light chuckled lightly seeming to have gotten L's message. "Ok that's good for now"

Relieved L leaned into Lights warm embrace.

The teens chest fluttered and he only wished he could bask in the feeling forever. L 's steady heart beat thumped peacefully against his chest as he held L's frail body against his own more firmer one. The insomniac's soft raven locks tickled his cheek, when he placed a small kiss on the top of his head. It seemed so perfect and Light never wanted to let go. But he had to when Matsuda knocked a little less than graceful on their bedroom door. Snapping the two out of there trance.

"Are you two alright? The rest of the taskforce told me to check on you two because you left so suddenly." Matsuda yelled through the door

Light cleared his throat "Yes were fine. We'll be out in a second." Light said through clenched teeth as he mentally cursed at Matsuda for interrupting.

And with that Matsuda left with an 'okay'

Light sighed "Well come on we better get going"

L nodded in agreement.

As they made there way back to the investigation room. L couldn't help but notice that he suddenly felt really sick. He didn't know why though because he just took his medicine about three hours ago. He wasn't suppose to take his next dosage anytime soon.

Light quietly sat down in front of his computer and started reading a document he was previously reading before he left. Although Light wanted to catch Kira just as badly as L did. He was bored out of his mind! And a minute hadn't even passed yet! The only thing interesting around there was L. The teen wondered what the sugar addicted was doing because he had been awfully quiet.

L pierced his lip as he felt his stomach flip. A wave of nausea came over him and it took every fiber in his body not to throw up all over his the floor. L can feel his body getting hotter the longer he refused his body to empty the content in his stomach. The insomniac squeezed his legs tighter to his chest hoping to help the pain. But only making it worse as pressure was dealt to his stomach. L groaned inaudible, strands of his hair clinging to his sweaty face. He could taste the bitter sour taste of vomit on his tongue make him gag from reflect. His stomach flipped again, L brought his hand over his mouth quickly.

Aizawa walked over to L not seeming to notice how sickly the detective looked. He figured since L was not acting out of the ordinary he was his normal self for the moment.

"Umm Ryuzaki I found a couple of leads. I'm not sure if it's any major ones but I wanted you to be the judge of that."

L turned his swivel chair directly at Aizawa to show he was listening

Light looked at the two but then put his full attention on L. ' Whats wrong with him? He doesn't look to good, but I just gave him his medicine not to lon-oh god! How could I forget! The medicine doesn't help with vomiting!' But before Light could get the chance to run L to a bath room. He saw the detectives face go a tinge of green.

L's body had seemed to won the battle because the next second his stomach did a flip that was a little less then pleasant. L's eyes went wide as he felt vomit squirt through the cracks in his hand that he had over his mouth. The detective removed his hand as the content of his stomach launched out of his mouth and collided with Aizawa's suit. The former officer screamed and tried to shield himself with his arms from the content. L fell from his chair, got on hands and knees and retched again, bile spewing on Aizawa's shoes.

Light cover his mouth in shock at the scene before him as his father and the other investigators cringed.

L stopped for a moment then coughed making him dry retch. His mouth tasted horrible and he was in grave need for some sweets to replace the bitter taste. As L was sure he was done. He stood up slowly his hair covering his eyes as his hand that wasn't dripping with vomit covered his mouth.

"….I'm sorry" was the last thing he said before he collapsed onto the floor.

"L!" Light said as he scrambled over to the unconscious detective


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