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I'll Take Care Of You Chapter 2

"Would Light-kun like some tea before he goes to sleep?" L said with big innocent eyes. Light sighed "For the fifth time no L! Could you pleeease be quiet now?" 'We only got back from the hospital 20 minutes along and you're already irritating the hell out of me! Just shut up and let me sleep!' "But Light-kun it will help you sleep better, you haven't slept since we got back, even though you said you were extremely tired." Light glared at L "That because you haven't shut up for the past 20 minutes!" L made a rather confusion face before he said

"Your percentage of being Kira has increased by 5 percent" "WHAT! WHY!" "Because only Kira would be mean to me, regardless of my caring attitude or intentions towards him" L stated plainly. Light just closed his eyes and tried to ignore the now pouting detective. L was just about to ask Light if he wanted some cake but stopped when he noticed that the Taskforce was about to arrive. L pulled out the key to the chain from pajama his pocket and unlocked the cuff on his wrist. Then proceeded to lock his cuff somewhere secure on the bed. Not only was Light relieved at L's actions but was very happy he would finally be able to have some peace and quiet, but he couldn't get over this feeling that something would go wrong. L brought his attention back to Light and handed him a pager. "Here, just page me if you need anything."

The detective then walked out of their shared room. Although he wish he had a chance to shower and put his normal attire on first before the Taskforce arrived but it seemed that would have to wait till later. He just hoped he didn't look sick enough for them to notice he has the flu. Not long after L left his bedroom and headed for his computer, where most of his work was done, did the Task force arrive. As soon as they stepped in the room and settled down in there usually sitting places, L felt all eyes were on him. L turned around to face the group and looked wide eyed at the former officers, still eating his cake though. L cleared his throat "Is something wrong? You all look as though you are surprised *cough* *cough*"

L tried to read their faces but they all looked too surprised. You would be too if you saw L without his main Kira suspect chained to him or even in sight. Not to mention he just coughed! Plus the style of L's PJs were not making matters any better. Before any of the other Task Force members could speak, Matsuda's face lit up with joy. "Awwww Ryuzaki looks so cute in his cupcake PJ's" L nearly choke on his cake, But still managed to keep his composure. That was definitely not the reply he thought he would get. Aizawa punched Matsuda in the arm.

"You idiot, do you realize what you're saying and who you're saying it to?" Matsuda made a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his head. Sighing Soichiro tries to block out of his mind Matsuda's indeed idiotic comment. "Ryuzaki, we were just wondering why you don't have Light chained to you and where he is" L suddenly felt this burst of rage seep in him

"Why the hell are you questioning my fucking actions, and what the fuck makes you think I know where the little shit is!" And as quickly as it came, it left. Leaving L and The Task Force in shock. L's eyes went even wider 'What the hell was that?' then turned back to his computer and ignored the faces that now stared at him in terror. Making it seem like L had no knowledge that he just burst in angry a few seconds ago, But L indeed know it did happen and was currently thinking hard of the reason why it happened. L rested his thumb on his upper lip. 'Why did I get so mad all of a sudden at Soichiro? It wasn't wrong of him to be worried about his son's whereabouts? And it certainly wasn't right of me to call Light…a little shit. But I felt so angry I couldn't help myself, I immediately reacted.' Then all of a sudden something clinked to L and his eyes went even wider if possible

'The side effect from the medicine. That's it, if I remember correctly Light talked about the side effects in the car on the way here. Well that's one problem solved, but how am I going to control when an emotional episode happens again, hmm….. I better go get some more cake.' Getting up from his computer L begin to make his way to the fridge. 'Since Watari isn't here, he should have left me a good amount of sweets! I guess it wouldn't hurt to share.' "Matsuda and Soichiro would you like some cake?" Matsuda and Soichiro flinched from the enthusiasm in L's voice. Just a few seconds ago he was pretty pissed off. "N-no thank yo-" They were about to refuse L's offer, that was until he made the cutest smile with a little giggle. Soichiro and Matsuda were defeated, who could say no to that face. "Umm sure" L then cut both Soichiro and Matsuda a piece of cake, and turned back around to face the Taskforce again

"Mogi, Aizawa would you like some cake." They shook their heads 'yes'. Once all the pieces of cake were cut, L had another twist of emotion. With a devious smile plastered on his face he grabbed a handful of cake and threw it right at Soichiro. It's wasn't until the sweet sugary snack landed right smack dab in Soichiro face did L start laughing his ass off. Everybodies eyes were on Soichiro except for Soichiro himself of course, who was currently glaring at L. But that didn't seem to stop the insomniac, he actually started laughing even harder. Soichiro snapped "OK THAT'S IT!"Soichiro rose up from his chair, stormed over to L and gripped the laughing man up by the front of his shirt. L stopped laughing "Stop the bullshit Ryuzaki! We have all had enough with your games! All you do is treat us like dogs and are of no use to you! Do you-" "*hic* *hic*"Soichiro stopped his speech when he realized he had made the detective cry. Tears were streaming down L face. "*sob* S-Soichiro *hic* I would…ha..*hic* l-like to go *hic* speak to L-Light-kuun *sob*"

Stunned for the second time that day Soichiro released L from his grip. Without saying a word L ran towards the bedroom, leaving the task force speechless and stunned. Once L got to the bedroom, he was greeted with a sleeping Light. L didn't want to bother Light. He knew how tired the teen was from what happened less than 24 hour ago, but he wanted Light to hold him like he did in the hospital, he wanted comfort. L walked over to Light and shook the peaceful sleeping teen lightly.

"L-Light-kun *hic* wake up *hic* w-wake up L-Light-kun" The teen stirred as he heard his name being called, and finally opening his sleepy eyes to see L next to his bed side crying his eyes out. Light went immediately in alert. "L what's wrong? Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?" Just the thought of someone hurting 'his' L made Light furious, he didn't know why he would feel mad or why he called L 'his' for that matter. "*hic* L-Light-kun I can't do it *hic* I keep a-acting *hic* w-weird because of *hic* m-medicine! E-Everyone is mad *hic at me!" 'L looks really upset about what ever happened. He wasn't even this upset during the hospital incident. I want to hear the story but, I have to calm him down first.' "Come here L" Light said as he made room for L to lye next to him, He couldn't go very far though with the chain attached to the bed though. L climb in to the bed next Light, his crying not seeming to let up. Light could only think of one thing left to do. The teen moved closer to L, wrapped the insomniac in his arms and let the detectives head rest on his chest.

"Shh it's going to be alright, I'm not mad at you. I'm here" As Light begin to repeat this line over and over again softly in the crying mans ear. L's crying slowly stopped and his tears cease to fall. The only sound that came from the insomniac was frequent 'hics' as he slept peacefully with the tip of his thumb in his mouth. Light rested his chin on the top of L's head 'Looks like he's sleep again. I guess I'll wake him up in about an hour or so and explain everything to the task force. I don't know what he did, but I bet there confused and quite stunned about his bizarre behavior. I think they'll still let him work on the case though even if he's sick. He's too stubborn not to. He'll probably feel really crappy when he wakes up, crying really leaves you drained." Light let out a relieved sign and looked down at the sleeping L that was sleeping in his arm. Light chuckle "You know you really are adorable when your sleep" On a spur of the moment Light brought his lip down hovering above L's and pressed his lips to L's softly. This little contact made L wake up from his light sleep.

When Light realized L had woken up the only thing he could think right then was deepen the kiss. Light slid his tongue across L's bottom lip asking for entrance. When L gasped rom the sensation, Light took that as his opportunity to slide his tongue into L's mouth making him moan. "Ah ha Ah hah Mmm" L clenched onto Light's night feeling the over whelming sensation, as Light entwined his fingers in his hair. When Light broke the kiss, L pushed himself away from Light and sat up on the bed , his face flushed and his breath coming in pants. As Light came back to reality all he could think was 'Oh Shit'. L touched his own lips and his cheeks became a bright pink before he said "Light-kun stole my first kiss"


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